Joe is a multi-talented commercial real estate broker. I have had the opportunity of working with him on two separate projects and he delivered outstanding results in both cases. I look forward to working with him on the next two properties.

Joe is personable, efficient, hardworking, knowledgeable, respectful of all parties involved, and best of all, tenacious in a diplomatic way. Every sale has its inherent problems and Joe is a person adept at navigating those awkward and uncomfortable periods. “Exceptional Service” is his working principle.

Vern Miller

I have been a businesswoman for the past 25 years and have had the pleasure of working with many different professionals during that time. I can truly say that Joe Levy truly stands out as an outstanding person. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe while looking to purchase a retirement home. We immediately connected and he was a pleasure to deal with when we were on the buying end. It wasn’t until a few years later that we decided to list our retirement home and I contacted Joe. He was immediately interested and we discussed various aspects of our business. We then decided to have Joe Levy represent us as our selling broker.

I can truly say that working with Joe has been a tremendous experience. He is an intelligent, caring, hard working and conscientious person. He took on our listing with great enthusiasm and delivered on every single item he said he could accomplish. Along the way we had a great time as well. He truly has a fantastic sense of humour and my family and I consider him a friend. Our listing and sale were not easy and he just kept on working and doing whatever was necessary to move the sale along. He brings with him a great roster of professionals from lenders to lawyers and everyone in between that are vital in getting the job done.

If you are thinking of buying or selling do yourself a favour and look no further. Joe Levy is the man to get the job done and done well.

Warm Regards
Rocki Maimone

By way of background, I and my partner owned a retirement home for over 13 years in the GTA. When it came time to consider a change, we decided that we would consider selling our business. Our first mistake was not using Joe as our Agent. We were referred to someone who had lengthy experience in the industry, and we trusted that he would be able to bring the right buyer and eventually sell our business. Much to our dismay and after a lengthy period of failed attempts we decided to look for another Broker to sell our property.

We found Joe and he was and is a confident and boisterous person. He, with unwavering conviction, told us that he would work hard to make sure that we were exposed to the right buyers and that he would not compromise his proven strategies.

Well, I must say that it wasn’t a cake walk finding the right buyer, but Joe never lost faith and worked diligently to make the path to our sale as smooth as possible. Our place was not an easy sale and Joe made sure that he had intimate knowledge of our operation and the unique characteristics of our business.

When despair and frustration set in, which is normal in selling a multimillion-dollar business, Joe was always positive and sometimes disturbingly so. In any event, during the sale process many hurdles were encountered and many had to be overcome. Sometimes when we lost hope, Joe did all that he could to help us battle through the adversities. In the end, we were able to get an excellent price for our business and I am convinced in retrospect that this was only possible because of Joe’s support and personal dogged resolve to not capitulate and give up.

I highly recommend Joe if you are looking for someone who will be there for you come hell or high water and deliver on what he says. If he can’t do it then it “ain’t” going to happen. Lastly, he has become a personal friend and I have enjoyed many an hour of engaging discussion with him. Don’t settle for second best when choosing someone to buy or sell a retirement home. Trust me when I tell you if I had hired Joe in the first place the date on this letter would have been much earlier than today’s date.